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RFID Tags Manufacturers Syrma SGShas established itself as a preferred value creator for its customers over the last 40 years through its commitment to innovative and efficient Electronic System Design and Manufacturing. The company specializes in providing high-mix, flexible volume, and precision OEM manufacturing services.

Syrma SGS offers a comprehensive range of one-stop-solution electronics manufacturing services (EMS), including product design, quick prototyping, PCB assembly, Box build, repair & rework, and automatic tester development services. Furthermore, the company is known for its expertise in OEM solutions for RFID tags & inlays and high-frequency magnetic components. Syrma SGS serves a global clientele of OEMs across more than 20 countries and has successfully supplied several hundreds of million units.

RFID Tag & Inlays

Syrma SGS offers a comprehensive catalog of high-performance LF/HF/UHF epoxy or silicone tags, meticulously designed to withstand even the most demanding environments. These tags are built to deliver exceptional performance and durability over extended periods. Additionally, the company provides air coil/ferrite transponders available in glass or clear laminate encapsulations, offering a wide range of sizes and form factors. This diverse selection ensures that customers can find the perfect solution for embedded or external tagging of any asset or product.

In addition to their extensive tag offerings, Syrma SGS specializes in designing multi-protocol, custom-made RFID readers. These readers are compatible with standard tags and can seamlessly connect with iOS and Android devices, providing a convenient and user-friendly experience. Whether you require a specific tag design or have unique specifications, Syrma SGS welcomes discussions about developing custom tags tailored to meet your specific needs.

Syrma SGS specializes in developing custom RFID solutions that are specifically optimized for IoT applications. Here are the key points:

  • The company designs, engineers, and manufactures industry-standard tags and inlays in various form factors, suitable for LF (ISO 11784), HF (ISO 14443 / ISO 15693), UHF (EPC Gen 2), and Active RFID (433 MHz / 2.4 GHz) applications.
  • Syrma SGS provides comprehensive turn-key solutions for implementing RFID systems, encompassing tags, readers, and customized software.
  • The company offers reliable and automated asset management and transaction systems, effectively reducing expenditure and waste.
  • Syrma SGS支持复杂的物联网实现的enabling seamless communication between assets, resulting in a reduction of complexities associated with manual applications.
  • 与wid RFID解决方案无缝集成e range of smart devices, as well as assets such as cattle, vehicles, furniture, machinery, computers, supplies, and more, ensuring increased reliability in data accuracy.
  • Syrma SGS offers an extensive selection of tags suitable for harsh environments, including miniature tags as small as 3mm.
  • The company boasts a portfolio of over 50 off-the-shelf products, including tags, labels, wristbands, injectable tags, molded tags, glass tags, and other form factors, catering to diverse customer needs.


Syrma SGS serves as an OEM manufacturer specializing in high-frequency magnetics, including transformers, chokes, coils, and inductors. These components play a crucial role in electronic circuits, providing efficient power conversion, signal filtering, and energy storage.


Syrma SGS specializes in custom magnetic chokes designed to meet specific customer requirements. Here are the key features and offerings:

Ferrite Core Transformers:

  • The company offers both through-hole and SMD (Surface Mount Device) ferrite core transformers.
  • These transformers have a power rating of up to 500W and operate at a frequency of 300KHz.
  • They are suitable for various applications requiring efficient power conversion.


Syrma SGS provides inductors that operate over a wide range of frequencies, input voltages, and inductance values. These inductors are versatile and can be customized to suit specific application needs.

Magnetic Chokes:RFID Tags Manufacturers

提供的磁阻气门Syrma SGS设计ned to protect circuits from high-frequency alternating current while allowing low-frequency direct current. The company offers a comprehensive catalog of common-mode magnetic chokes with various types and configurations. These include toroidal core chokes, epoxy-encapsulated chokes, and three-phase chokes.

Specific Offerings:RFID Tags Manufacturers

Syrma SGS provides high current chokes specifically designed for industrial welding applications.
The company offers large volume chokes for EMI/RFI (Electromagnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference) filters, ensuring effective noise suppression.
Various types of magnetic chokes are available, including bobbin wound, toroidal, SMT (Surface Mount Technology), and PTH (Plated Through Hole).

By leveraging their expertise in magnetics design and manufacturing, Syrma SGS delivers custom magnetic chokes that meet the unique requirements of different industries and applications. Their comprehensive catalog and commitment to quality enable them to provide reliable and efficient solutions for their customers.


Syrma SGS offers a diverse range of magnetic inductors designed to meet specific requirements across a variety of applications. Here are the key features and offerings:

Wide Range of Operating Parameters:

The company’s magnetic inductors can be custom designed to operate over a wide range of frequencies, input voltages, and inductance values. This versatility ensures that the inductors can be tailored to suit the specific needs of different applications.

Enclosure Options:

Syrma SGS provides options for varnish impregnated, molded, or epoxy-potted enclosures for their magnetic inductors. These enclosure types offer different levels of protection and can be chosen based on the application’s environmental conditions.

Flexible Terminal Configurations:

Magnetic inductors are available with various terminal configurations to facilitate easy installation and connection. Options include fly leads, PCB pins, solder terminals, or screw terminals, allowing for compatibility with different circuit designs.

Multiple Mounting Styles:

Syrma SGS’s magnetic inductors support various mounting styles to accommodate different installation requirements. The available options include fixed inductors, shielded inductors, and toroidal inductors, ensuring flexibility in mounting configurations.

Comprehensive Magnetic Inductor Types:

Syrma SGS offers a wide range of magnetic inductors, including air core, common mode, ferrite core, powdered iron core, power line chokes/filters, shielded inductors, and toroidal inductors. Each type serves specific functions and applications, providing customers with a comprehensive selection to choose from.


Syrma SGS Technology specializes in manufacturing a comprehensive range of magnetic transformers, offering various types and configurations. Here are the key offerings:

Ferrite Core Transformers:

The company produces ferrite core transformers with power ratings typically up to 500W and frequencies reaching up to 300KHz. Ferrite cores are available in a wide range of shapes, including E, EC, EP, ETD, PC (pot), PQ, RM, RS (slab), rods, TC (toroidal), and U. Syrma SGS manufactures both through-hole and SMD (Surface Mount Device) type transformers, catering to different installation requirements.

Ferrite/Metal Powder/Nano-crystalline E Core Transformers:

Syrma SGS offers transformers utilizing ferrite, metal powder, or nano-crystalline E cores. These transformers are designed to provide efficient power conversion.

High-Frequency Toroidal Transformers:

The company specializes in manufacturing high-frequency toroidal transformers, which are known for their compact size and excellent electromagnetic performance.

Impedance Matching Transformers:

Syrma SGS provides impedance matching transformers, which are used to ensure maximum power transfer between different circuits or devices.

Pot Core/RM Transformers:

The company manufactures pot core and RM transformers, which are designed to optimize magnetic flux and provide efficient power delivery.

Other Geometries:

Syrma SGS提供一系列变化的变形金刚ous geometries, including EI, EF, ER, EFD, and EP. These transformers are designed to meet specific application requirements.

Signal Transformers:

Syrma SGS also produces signal transformers, which are used for coupling, isolating, or transforming electrical signals in communication systems or electronic devices.

BLDC Modules for FanRFID Tags Manufacturers

The BLDC (Brushless DC) motor module designed for fans typically comprises three main components: a brushless DC motor, a driver circuit, and a control system. Here are the key features and variations of BLDC modules for fans:

Brushless DC Motor:

The motor consists of a rotor equipped with permanent magnets and a stator with coils that generate a rotating magnetic field.
This configuration eliminates the need for brushes and commutators, resulting in reduced friction, lower wear, and longer operational life.

Driver Circuit:

The driver circuit is responsible for converting the DC voltage input into a variable-frequency AC voltage required to drive the brushless DC motor.
It ensures precise control over the motor’s speed and torque by adjusting the frequency and amplitude of the generated AC voltage.

Control System:

The control system governs the operation of the BLDC motor module, regulating its speed and direction according to user input or predetermined settings.
It can include various control mechanisms such as microcontrollers, sensors, and feedback loops to ensure optimal performance.

Variations of BLDC Low Voltage Fan Modules:

  • BLDC Low Voltage Fan with IR Remote: This module incorporates an infrared remote control for convenient operation, allowing users to adjust the fan’s speed and other settings wirelessly.
  • BLDC Low Voltage Fan with Regulator: This module is equipped with a regulator that enables manual adjustment of the fan’s speed using a physical control interface.
  • BLDC Low Voltage Fan with RF Remote: This module utilizes a radio frequency (RF) remote control for wireless operation, providing an extended range and enhanced convenience.

BLDC modules for fans have gained popularity due to their numerous advantages over traditional brushed DC motors. These advantages include higher efficiency, longer lifespan, quieter operation, and improved control over speed and torque. The availability of different variations allows users to choose the specific BLDC module that best suits their needs and preferences.

Box BuildRFID Tags Manufacturers

Syrma SGS offers comprehensive box build services, electromechanical assembly, and full-systems integration solutions. They provide a range of services, including firmware and software loading, validation, testing, and commercial or custom packing. Syrma SGS collaborates with their supplier network to offer custom panels, electromechanical sub-assemblies, precision plastic molding, casting, machining, and surface treatment.

They specialize in various specific products and solutions, such as:

  • GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) devices
  • Hybrid Set-top Box assembly and integration
  • Complex integrations involving multiple components and systems
  • Wearable device assembly
  • POS Printer assembly and integration
  • Railway Interlocking System assembly and integration for safe and efficient train operations
  • Power supply unit assembly and integration
  • CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device assembly and integration for sleep apnea treatment

PCB AssemblyRFID Tags Manufacturers

Syrma SGS offers printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services through their multiple manufacturing facilities. They have several Fuji SMT lines available at their facilities. Syrma SGS specializes in manufacturing boards with dimensions of up to 500x450mm, using various board types such as ceramic, flex, and rigid substrates.

In addition to PCB assembly, they provide a range of related services including solder paste inspection, wave soldering, potting, conformal coating, back-end assembly, and testing. Syrma SGS is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and invests in state-of-the-art electronic product assembly equipment. This enables them to optimize capacity utilization, resulting in cost and time savings for their customers.

Through their expertise in PCB assembly and utilization of advanced equipment, Syrma SGS delivers high-quality assembly services and ensures efficient production processes for their clients.

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