Backpain Balms

Being pioneers of pain and congestion management since 1893, Amrutanjan is a manufacture of headache balms and roll-ons, backpain balms and roll-ons, nasal inhalers for chest de-congestion, cold rubs, cough syrups, foot corn removal caps, dental pain relief gel etc […]

Affigenix Biosolutions

Immunoassay Biochemistry Reagents

Affigenix Biosolutions Pvt Ltd is an emerging life science company in the CREW Group that provides customized Immunoassay Biochemistry Reagents, diagnostic kits and other biosolutions to Biopharma, Biotech, Food and Agriculture companies. Affigenix also focuses on developing therapeutic and diagnostic […]

Pregio Pharma


Pregio Pharma having its manufacturing facility at Puducherry is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules like Diclofenac, cetirizine tablets, cetirizinehd, citicoline, aceclofenac, etc Products: Alimentary system, Hyperacidity, UlcersAnalgesic , Anti inflammatory & Musclo skeletalCardiac drugsCentral nervous […]


Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Vishwa-Syntharo Vishwa之间是一个合资企业Pharma Nexus Corporation, India, and Syntharo Fine Chemicals, Germany for providing products and services to Pharmaceutical Chemicals Industry and Speciality/Fine Chemical industry. SERVICES Custom Synthesis (Fine/Specialty Chemicals/API’s) Custom Manufacturing (API’s, Fine & Specialty […]